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In fact my Mom tried to make it so us girls had the same freedoms and 'rights' as the boys had, but she was fighting a losing battle against the men in my family. However, it did not do me any good when I was first becoming sexual, and I lost alot of good years worrying too damn much about being thought of as slutty for wanting and enjoying a perfectly natural act.Entering my thirties I changed alot, dropped the old attitudes I had been carrying..it took me til I turned mid thirties to realise I had been fed a bunch of malarky.

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On Topic-when one of the two in couple is underage, the issues that may arise really depend on how both of thier families react to it.

I would warn my son that other people may see him as a criminal for doing this and ask him to really ensure the young ladies parents are OK with the situation, because they could make things hard on him.

You may say these are words, but I see the actions as well. I haven't met a father yet who doesn't call his daughter when she is born "a princess" or "my little girl" along with half of his friends and family.

It is natural - yet men complain about the women they date that their own daughters will eventually become. You may say these are words, but I see the actions as well.

Grown men who want the woman they are dating to have sex within 3 dates..if thier own daughter did that they would cringe.

Grown men who would kill males for deflowering thier little girls, wanting other mens daughters to be a dirty girl in bed..of mixed signals.

Your parents were married in a different time, back then the typical family was " leave it to beaver" where Dad wears his suits to dinner and breakfast , pledged their allegiance to God and Country and denounced Communism Look..

We also tend to have a rather idyllic vision of how marriages used to go.

I wish men would stop complaining about the way women act and then go home and treat their daughters with exactly the same traits that makes them into the women they complain about all the time. I have buddies that has daughters that age and God helps the jerk off at 19 who thinks about asking their daughters out, they are treading where angels fear to go. I must say though, one of the first posters who posted that she would report her son and his girlfriend to the police if they were to have sexual relations with a 1 year age gap is amusing.

Ya, now it would be a 20 year old and a 24 year old. "I don't want them to make a mistake so early in life...I'll send them both to jail".

Parents will always have a different view about their children. And men wonder how women turn into princesses....."you're not good enough for my daughter".

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