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“I’ve been here for eight years and I’m still waiting to meet someone who wants a serious relationship.

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So, what is the answer for women who are looking to meet someone special?

Dr Afridi says that the key to good decision-making and finding the right partner is to start from the inside out.

They came up with a theory that demonstrated if you have to pick the best candidate – whether that be a prospective partner or a potential employee – statistically speaking, the way that yields the best results is to reject the first 37 per cent of the people you see, and then choose the next person who is better than the people you’ve seen previously.

If you live in a small town, you may only get to date 10 people in your life, which means you will reject only four before getting serious about picking your life partner.

It’s hard not to lose hope when these are the type of men you come across on a regular basis in the city’s bars and nightclubs.

Meanwhile, Sharon, a 35-year-old British woman who has been living in Dubai for eight years, has had her fair share of dating nightmares.

“For one, the qualities sought by those people who move to big cities can be different from those of people who live in the suburbs and small towns,” she says.“Another factor is that cities tend to be transient places and the pool to select from changes so often, which keeps things new and interesting, making it hard to settle down and commit.

Also, some people believe in playing the numbers game – dating as many people as possible in order to grow your database of information about yourself and your partners,” she says.

It was enough to send me running for the nearest nunnery.

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