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Find me on Deviant Art if you want to ask me questions. Vulis (Vulture) and Chess come across two more contestants and the first game is launched. but...” The Mistress wiped a tear from her eye, “I can no longer afford to keep you here at the spa.

It was a dismal sunset, gray and gloomy, the snow in permanent snow globe mode. It is a matter of economics, Dear.” And so the bids for Tess commenced...

When Grace came up with her plan to make it big, she probably didn't imagine things ending up like this... Like in all my stories, there's more of a focus on transformation themes. This is my first story so please leave some advice for how to improve.

That being said, there's still quite a bit of breast growth in this one, probably the most I've ever written. This is much more on the leg growth and general expansion side of things then breasts but have no fear, there is some huge breast expansion in this story.

This is a re-release of an old story, with a new ending. The ending is different now, with a bit more growth sequences. A girl, after a tearful breakup with her ex, Peter (a large-breast lover), finding herself wishing her breasts were larger.

I always felt like I probably could have done something better with the ending to the only story I have ever written. She is surprised when she then meets Sal Dogma, who seels her the Amulet of Krogoth, insisting it can alter one's body as their lover sees fit.

The Marine Officer Tashigi gets more than she bargained for when she confiscates a cursed sword from a pirate.

This is a teaser of what you'll find in the Breast Expansion Archive's Pay Story area! That money pays authors and artists for new Illustrated stories and comics.I was inspired by many classics, but notable influences include "Addicted" and "Volunteers" by Mr B., "Positive Feedback" by Athiop, "Correspondence" and "The Offseason Nudist" by Oxomox and/or Tex T, "Janet's Milk" by Anonymous, and the story that got me into the genre, "My Best Friend Julie" by Byrne.Any and all feedback is welcome, and I'm sure my punctuation and grammar needs a lot of work. :) This is a updated version of my recent story, hopefully a bit easier to read.Yet even as reality warps around her to trick her into believing these changes have always been there, she still can't shake the funny feeling something is going on.Many thanks to everyone who voted for the wishes to be made in this story.Any and all feedback is welcome, and I'm sure my punctuation needs a lot of work. :) After a car crash results in a head injury, Jenny finds herself mysteriously wasting away, until doctors find a "cure". It is over 56,000 words, and takes a while to get moving, so I won't blame anyone for skipping the boring parts.

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