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In high school, Wolfe began dealing to support his own habit.

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Alcala dating game

It costs up to five times more than normal marijuana, also known as "schwag," and can cost up to $350 an ounce on the street.

But for teenagers here, finding that kind of money was often not difficult, says Zeuner.

According to Gunning, Petrole bought 100 pounds a month on average for $360,000.

At 19, Wolfe made up to $15,000 a month selling the chronic supplied by Petrole. They didn't care.""We always had girls around us," says Wolfe. I'd run through money like it was nothing." Wolfe says at the time he was smoking marijuana, doing cocaine and ketocet, a tranquilizer.

But they weren't smoking the same weed that their parents' generation did.

They were smoking a much more powerful version of the drug, known as "chronic," which is also much more expensive.

"It makes you a movie star in a small town," says Jason Coleman, 28, who hung out with Wolfe and managed a bar where all of their friends partied. Zeuner says they would smoke dope "constantly throughout the day. But the investigation that followed uncovered a drug ring worth millions of dollars.

Just like money, that was an unlimited supply as well." His mother, Terri, however says she had no idea he was dealing and using drugs so heavily. And it was an enterprise created and controlled by suburban college students.

According to Wolfe's mother, Terri Steinberg, her son was a typical teen-ager, an "all-American kid." Wolfe agreed, saying smoking marijuana wasn't a big deal for many high school students in town.

"It's not viewed as the other drugs are," says Wolfe, who first smoked marijuana in eighth grade.

Both Regina Zeuner and Jennifer Pasquariello became friends with Wolfe in high school.

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