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Well, you were wrong because our pals from Yes Theory finally got to meet the Fresh Prince Will Smith himself!

He met with the guys to confirm that yes, the Heli-Bungee jump is definitely happening, and we can't wait.

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It all started when Jarrett Little noticed a stray dog injured with a broken hind leg and toe.

After giving the 5-month-old Great Dane mix some snacks and water, Little drove 7 miles with the dog on his back to get medical help in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Kaylee Rodgers singing "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen will blow you away. She performed the song with the Killard House School Choir in Donaghadee, Ireland.

View Now Spending the holidays with family is serious business especially when there's a competition to be won!

John joined RTM hosts for a chat and called his rapping skills "Prime" and certainly not subprime.

This wasn't even Integrity 1st' earliest excursion into film/music!

Just the day before "Rainy Day Fund" dropped, their awesome ad team released a dramatic trailer for a fictional reverse-mortgage-themed movie.

View Now It's an incredible story — an injured stray dog is rescued by a biker, brought to an animal emergency center and promptly adopted into a loving home.

View Now When only five out of 70 of people Maranda Karna invited to her son's 10th birthday RSVPed, her best friend Stephenie Lovejoy reached out to social media for help. So much fun that Gayle and Charity had to give it a try.

Thomas is autistic, and she created a Facebook event inviting bikers in the area to, "Meet up and show him that he is not different and that he is loved just as much as everyone else," as seen in this ABC News video. View Now This might be one of the best videos we've seen of the #What The Fluff Challenge.

It can be difficult learning to accept your own faults and weaknesses, but women who do usually find themselves stronger than they were before.

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