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I-MMD was much simpler than Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive, which also made it lighter.

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Although it worked fabulously in the 1850-lb all-aluminum, ultra-aerodynamic, two-seat ZE1, it couldn't compete with Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive in a larger, heavier vehicle.

Again, the world had to soldier on without the Honda Insight.

Instead, it incorporates the function of a mechanical Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) into the electric-motor mechanism.

The I-MMD's E-CVT transmission produces far less friction than conventional transmissions, which, paired with its lighter weight, helps to improve fuel efficiency.

While the IMA system slid beyond the automotive horizon, Honda wasn't standing around doing nothing.

The company developed an elegant 2-motor "full-hybrid" system, named Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (I-MMD), to replace the IMA system.

This You Tube video from Honda demonstrates how the I-MMD works.

This Car and Driver article describes it in more detail.

The ZE1 was Honda's proof-of-concept that showed off their materials engineering, aerodynamic design, and electric motor technologies. Indeed, Honda sold the ZE1 for much less than it must have cost to build this all-aluminum car.

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