Basshunter dating aylar lie

she expressed sadness and strong distress and that she was tired of being linked to events ten years in her past, although she acknowledged she may have to live with this part of her life being repeatedly brought to the surface.

She pointed out that what took place in Los Angeles happened during a period of crisis in her personal life and that she has repeatedly attempted to clean the slate with regard to this.

In every video he tells one part of a big love story and Aylar Lie is the leading actress.

Basshunter girlfriend was raised by a foster family and they treated her nicely.

She left her home country when she was three years old and moved to Norway and it is a good thing for her, because life began in here and she made her way.

is an Iranian-Norwegian actress, model, singer and former pornographic actress, but has been in the music industry as a music video actress and singer, having featured in several of Swedish DJ Basshunter's music videos. After a few years she was taken into the foster care system.

She became famous after participating in the Norwegian Big Brother. Aylar Dianati Lie was born on 1984 in Tehran, Iran. Aylar was moved eighteen times before she began the elementary school. Her biological mother had moved to the United States of America, while her father remained in constant struggle with the Norwegian authorities. She starred in 10 porn films between 20, such as Throat Gaggers 3 and Cum Dumpsters 3 under the pseudonym Diana, then decided to end her porn-industry career after her last porno film, Cock Smokers 49, and switch to mainstream modeling.

On the one hand, she looks like a sex bomb from an adult movie but on the other hand she still manages to appear so cute with her girly behavior that she seems to be kind of innocent.

Aylar Lie is a bundle of emotions, most of the time she is joking, laughing and happily playing around. She is very confident in her appearance loves to dress up and seduce with her looks.

Even though she started working as a porn actress, that was just the beginning and Basshunter girlfriend is not ashamed to state that she has been filming in porn movies, because this was the only way for her to become noticed.

Without her acting abilities Basshunter girlfriend has won a beauty pageant because her looks is perfect as most of people have seen already.

In a July 2010 interview, Lie stated that she "sorely regrets" having engaged in pornographic acting.

She explained that the choice was made while she was going through a difficult time of her life, and she wished she could "erase that from [her] past".

Her adult film career has made her the target of much criticism and prevented her from visiting her father in Iran.

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