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After it was captured by Morocco in 1591, the city declined.Its scholars were ordered arrested in 1593 on suspicion of disaffection; some were killed during a resulting struggle, while others were exiled to Morocco.Oreshkin made the remark at the 8th Russia-Azerbaijan Interregional Forum in Stavropol, Russia on September 28.

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Work to repair the damage began after the militants were routed from the town in early 2013.

By Sara Israfilbayova Russian Minister of Economy Maksim Oreshkin stressed the importance of removing restrictions and barriers in bilateral trade between Russia and Azerbaijan.

The mosque still stands today, probably because of al-Sāḥili’s directive to incorporate a wooden framework into the mud walls of the building, thus facilitating annual repairs after the rainy season.

The Tuareg regained control of the city in 1433, but they ruled from the desert.

During the Askia period (1493–1591) Timbuktu was at the height of its commercial and intellectual development.

Merchants from Ghudāmis (Ghadamis; now in Libya), Augila (now Awjidah, Libya), and numerous other cities of North Africa gathered there to buy gold and slaves in exchange for the Saharan salt of Taghaza and for North African cloth and horses.

“Hayat Pharm joint pharmaceutical company is being established in Azerbaijan.

The total preliminary investments there exceed 70 million euros,” he reminded.

An even greater threat came in 2012 when Tuareg rebels, backed by Islamic militants, took control of the northern part of the country.

The Tuaregs claimed the territory, which included Timbuktu, as the independent state of Azawad.

Although the Tuareg exacted sizable tributes and plundered periodically, trade and learning continued to flourish in Timbuktu. The city’s scholars, many of whom had studied in Mecca or in Egypt, numbered some 25,000.

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