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) started or was ended, we do recall it being in effect during WWII.

Where could we find more information about this program?

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Who were they and where might their records be now? --Kitti Michalowicz - posted 06-2017 LOOKING FOR PHOTO OF SWIMMING HOLE My sister Jean Fox Neil and I were talking about places where Deposit kids went swimming in the summer before the Marshman Pool was constructed behind the high school in the ‘50s. --Deana Pereira - posted 04-2016 LOOKING FOR OLD ARTICLE IN BLOOMVILLE MIRROR The editor of the Bloomville Mirror, wrote a series of pamphlets or stories about the activities of the 144th Delaware County Regiment during the Civil War.

If there was no establishment for this purpose, who prepared the bodies for burial. I think Red Cross swimming lessons started when kids were bussed to Columbia Lake. I know it was here before the telegraph came in..located next to the train tracks at the intersection of 28 and 38..crossroads. Does anyone know if the originals or copies of this, “The Soldier Boy”, exist?

--Evelyn Henderson O'Connell - posted 7 August 2017 UPDATE from Evelyn Henderson O'Connell: I think I have found an explanation regarding the boys from NYC who came to work on farms.

Source: The Portville Review, Portville, Cattaraugus County, New York Thursday, April 13, 1944 edition BR?

My Father also told me, that he was born in Beerston.

Therefore, I would deduce that his father worked for the Beerston Acid Factory.

This little girl was only about 6 when she passed away.

I cant help but want to try and find the family cemetary it came from or just a family member that might be interested in having it.

I grew up in the township of Franklin, NY and restored the South Franklin School#19, on East Handsome Brook Road which was built in 1856.

I am a member of the Country School Association of America, and I’ve been asked to try to get information on a schoolhouse that would have been on Pumpkin Hollow Road in Davenport.

SMALL HARVARD SCHOOL TOWN OF HANCOCK: I'm looking for information on a small school in Harvard, NY around 1914.

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