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“I remember just being so upset because I had to be up for interviews that morning.” Looking back, Vicci says she’s not bitter about it because it made her realize the realities of being a rock star. this is what it would be like to be in demand [like Cee Lo]. The show employs a staff of psychologists to deal with the aftermath of each episode.It was practice for what it’s really like out there. You're literally on the next flight home and getting back to reality hours later. "Even with 'Blind Auditions,' you spend weeks [training] with them and they're gone. “It’s emotionally frustrating,” says Frenchie (season one), who adds that she had to take personality tests before getting the final approval to be on the show. Every second.” The show’s psychology team is also on hand to smoothen the exit process.

I ate really well.” Vicci (season one) and her fellow contestants were also treated like royalty in the food department. It was annoying because a lot of the girls were worried about watching their weight. Contestants have little say on the songs they want to sing.

It was anything you wanted.” Dia (season one), meanwhile, stuck to the hotel restaurant. Vicci (season one) says she still keeps in touch with the crew from and during season nine, when Rihanna performed on an episode, Vicci had brief encounter with the Bad Gal. This is standard, especially for the “Battle Rounds.” For Frenchie (season one), even though she won her round with Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” she never understood why producers and coaches chose the song.

“He just wanted to know if you were OK, and that was so cool. Rehearsal time is often dependent on the schedule of the famous person you're working with.

Every single day he used his manners and opened doors for people. Vicci (season one) says toward the end of her season, she waited until 3 a.m.

“I would have never auditioned standing in line, it just wasn’t on my bucket list.” 2.

There is a long training period before the “Blind Auditions” — traditionally the first episode of each season — is even filmed.

The minute you are eliminated, you walk from that stage and into the psychiatrist’s office for a debriefing. “It’s very needed because you’ll never go through anything like it again. Jessie (season two) says she still hangs out with her team members.

It’s traumatic and you’re not really emotionally set up to do something that big that quickly.” 16. She works with some of them and goes to yoga with others.

“It’s a singing competition,” Simon Cowell would drone again and again when he found someone’s performance not quite up to par.

His snide comments about “loving” his fellow contestants in a strictly “Godly way,” which came before season-eight runner-up Adam Lambert came out on the cover of Rolling Stone, played both to his fanbase and to those who were looking for reasons to vote him off.

According to Kat (season six), five months passed between her first audition call and her first day of the “Blinds.” In the month before filming, contestants are trained for every possible situation: fainting, getting sick on stage, reacting to however many coaches would turn around.

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