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More » Speaking of iconic hits, this classic film explores the very complicated connection between friendship and courtship.

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overall i think this song is one of the most powerfull songs.

Welcome to our reviews of the Kissing Songs List (also known as Autistic Teens and Dating).

I can't believe no girl ever got that, well except for my wife. Have a blessed day and God Bless the members of Blind Melon, living and dead! My first boyfriend in high school loved this and the band too. I can still be their video and that cute bee girl in my memory. This used to be my cellphone ringtone and now when ever I hear it, it triggers me to answer or look of my phone - it's not even my ringtone anymore.

She said it immediately after the song and meant it. You helped me find my sole mate and the woman I will spend the rest of my life being there when she wakes. It's sad that it ended the way it did, but they left us with some great music and they left me with the best life I could have ever hoped for. These days I hear it on radio more often than I did a few years ago. I think Pavlo would say this was something about a cinditioned response...:)The album version of this song is, in fact, far from their usual material.

I don't know what it is about this song, but it always cheers me up. Eveb before the video, I felt joy when it cam eon the radio. often times you go to write something (song/letter/poem/journal entry) about someone else or some situation, but in the end it turns out to be something about yourself.

Maybe I'm clueless and it's actually a sad song, but I choose to remain clueless. Tanya-Dallasi relate to this song soo much that it scares me.... i like to think of it as your concsiouse mind sending you hidden messages. my final product never turns out what i origionally was writing about. and you can see that their songs were just as real as there life.

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