Bun b dating

If your date makes a statement that you disagree with or you know for a fact isn’t true don’t make it a big deal.

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The Houston legend took to You Tube to announce his newest effort.

During the most recent episode of his cooking series, the Southern Hip-Hop pioneer wrote a note that read, “Return of the Trill,” with the date, March 16th.

If you’re an intelligent woman and you have the documents to prove it, good for you but being smart about men isn’t the same as being book smart. What every smart person should know is being charismatic is just as important as being intelligent.

So I find that some intelligent women make the following mistakes when it comes to attracting and interacting with men.

At the end of the day do you want a man who isn’t attracted to all of you?

Don’t make the mistake of making your looks trivial or secondary just because you have an exceptional mind. A big mistake so-called women make is constantly feeling the need to prove their point.

Presented by Avenida Houston, the second year of the outdoor roller rink brings a new and improved skating surface, colorful lighting, cheap skate nights, and throwback theme nights to downtown March 2 to 25.

Here's the skate night lineup: Also kicking off at Discovery Green in March is the Bayou City Music Series, a new free concert series honoring Houston's best jazz, blues, and zydeco musicians all spring long in three different Houston parks.

If this new album is legitimate, it would mark the UGK legend’s first studio album since his project in 2013, which featured the likes of Lil Boosie, Rick Ross and his UGK counterpart, Pimp C.

Among the artists on his previous project was Mississippi’s own Big K.

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