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From the FB chat questions, parents want genuine accountability that makes a difference to how local areas act in individual cases.

On the other hand, inspectors are primarily there to work out if the things that local area leaders are doing at a strategic level to implement the SEND reforms are working effectively.

You may also want to read our post on Ofsted/CQC's report of One Year of local area SEND inspections in England.

Ofsted are keen to signpost you to their handbook for the LA SEND inspections, which explains how the inspections work and what they are looking for.

Ask parents in places like Gateshead, Hertfordshire & Trafford, who submitted detailed evidence of local area practice that breached statutory duty. ” It would be interesting to know more about their training - and also how full & frank the advice is from the inspectors Ofsted uses from LA SEN services, some of whom have a less than stellar record in their home LAs.

Also, what the inspectors said here is hard to square with their own inspection framework.

We want regulators – but that’s not what’s happening here, because regulation is not what the inspectors are there to do.

So if Ofsted / CQC aren’t regulating SEND services, who is?

This was one of the most perplexing aspects of this chat.

Inspectors stressed a number of times that if they identified ‘illegal’ practice, then the local area would have to submit a Written Statement of Action (WSOA), the most serious signal of inspectors’ displeasure. Except it hasn’t worked like that in practice so far, at all. Well, it’s possible that some inspectors simply don’t recognise unlawful practice when they see it – one parent who commented in the FB chat simply & effectively said, ?

Parents’ concerns about SEND go way, way beyond local area inspections – This FB chat focused on the local area SEND inspections, but there were plenty of wider questions that parents had for inspectors: SEND provision in schools, illegal exclusions, the link between school SEND problems & LA SEND problems, monitoring of services for SEND children unable to attend school, quality of ASD provision, and many more. Journalist & author of two novels and a guide to SEN statementing.

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However, we got the answers through and I've undertaken the pretty mammoth task of tidying them all up, removing the Facebook formatting and adding them into a downloadable document.

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