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The key factors to which we owe our success are the unique and quite specific properties of our heat shrink tubing.

Durable and easy to work with industrial identification is becoming critical in modern working processes.

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We praise Thee, Lord, for this Thy gift Of beauty and our prayer we lift That as our summer paths are trod, All Beauty leads us towards God.

Through friendships true that seek all Good, We learn to live as brothers should.

They used to be - in the 1870's See inventor of the "standard" typewriter keyboard, C. Sholes, came up with a layout that suoted the unwieldy mechanical instrument of the type.

There is also a rumour that the word "typewriter" coule be typed quickly since all the letters were on one row.

For those who came after, perhaps the best way of making the acquaintance of a Sequoyah legend and his love of nature is through these news items, a tribute we hope Uncle Mike would find fitting.

The 'computer' keyboard is directly derived from the old typewriter keyboard.

These include good ethical behaviour, concern for employee health and safety, care for the environment and community involvement.

Lord, round about us stand these hills, Whose beauty all Sequoyah fills.

No matter whether manual cable tie guns or automatic cable tie guns are involved...

Hellermann Tyton is an innovative, global company in many diverse markets and industries.

They are arranged randomly because manual typewriters tended to jam if the user typed too fast - therefore the arrangement was intended to slow early typists down.

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