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There is a lot of powerful material in , and the book is a breezy, involving read, but ultimately it leaves the reader wanting more: more insight, more reflection, some sense of significance.This may come down to a matter of voice: while Lauer should be recognized for his candour and for his ear, the book as a whole is characterized by a lightness of tone that not only undercuts the inherent power of the material, but occasionally comes across as glib and unfeeling, as if Lauer is gliding across the surface of meaning without exploring its depths.

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If a guy is around the same women on a regular basis, he should actually make an effort to talk to them in person rather than see them all the time, say nothing, then message them on an app.

To be fair, there are scenarios where connecting on this app could be preferable.

That process of recovery is one of the strands of Lauer’s new memoir Fake Missed Connections: Divorce, Online Dating and Other Failures.

The book, an assemblage of archived material, including emails, web-postings and online chats, builds outward from The Phone Call, as Lauer refers to it, to include his fraught relationships with his divorced parents and his siblings, his teenage time as a Hare Krishna, his recovery from alcoholism, and his struggle to rebuild his life.

Once in Brooklyn, Lauer, a poet and deputy director of the Poetry Society of America, experiments with online dating, but is also drawn to the emotional clarity of Craigslist’s Missed Connections forum, which he begins to post to, creating miniature narratives and savouring the responses he receives (in fact, he posts so many fake Missed Connections that he has to invent email addresses and use other people’s IP addresses to get around Craigslist’s posting limits and was later the co-founder of Ships That Pass, an online art project of fake missed connections).

And, as if life is providing him with a symbolic counterpoint to the ethereal presences of the women he meets online, Lauer is also confronted with what seems to be a ghost in his apartment.

Whether that’s people who go to your park, your coffee shop or your parking garage.” The company is responding to concerns that online dating apps are making it harder to meet in real life.

And, the missed connections feature is their way of trying to remedy that by allowing people to see other Match members they’ve encountered “in real life.” This also seems to be a way to capitalize on an idea that is a main component of other dating apps, notably Happn. You might have heard the recent radio ads and thought it sounded like a great idea. Rather than sort through random people in a broad geographical area who may or may not be compatible, Match is honing in on shared interests, hangouts, and commonalities.

They might not want that guy who stares at them on the bus and makes them uncomfortable knowing anything else about them.

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