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It is a major topic within the university course and textbook entitled advanced accounting. You want to know the answer to a simple financial question, e.g. However, if your company is of decent size, it’s probable that your accounting team uses multiple Quick Books company files to record your data.For example, let's assume that Northern Electric Power (NEP) is an electric utility with its stock traded on a stock exchange.

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When manipulating the data I'll usually save down a master copy and then editable copy.

When I've finished manipulating the data in the editable copy I'll compare it back to the master to ensure all of the balances match.

It will also report all of the liabilities of the economic entity.

(Amounts owed and receivable between NEP and MGC are eliminated in the consolidated balance sheet.) This is a very brief overview of consolidated financial statements.

This could be for several reasons: Any of these would result in having multiple Quick Books files – which is the case for about half of Insight Squared’s customers. Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions is the highest edition in Intuit’s product suite.

Here’s the problem: if you have multiple Quick Books files, you cannot use Quick Books to get consolidated reporting across all of them. Pricing starts at 9 with 5 per additional user.

These reports can be customised, branded and exported to Excel.

If required, inter-company eliminations can be applied.

For organisations with multiple Quick Books entities, creating consolidated reports is easier than you think!

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