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We believe that if you know your rights—and let your institution know that you will exercise them—you may be accorded a greater degree of procedural fairness.

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The issues discussed in this Guide touch upon the rules and learned lessons of civilized society.

The level of fair process that we offer to individuals reflects our sense of decency and the depth of our conscience.

This Guide is about what we have come to call “due process”—or, put more simply, fair procedure.

Over the course of many centuries, our society has developed a sense of what is proper or indecent, useful or harmful, right or wrong in the treatment of individuals charged with wrongdoing.

Behind the maze of legal language is a set of moral principles about how human beings may and may not treat one another.

If you face serious disciplinary action at a college or university, you are not alone.

Indeed, they concern the deepest issues of how we have learned to live together as decent human beings.

Think about it: If an innocent person is charged with wrongdoing, what protections should that innocent person have against being wrongly or arbitrarily punished and dishonored?

This Guide is designed to help you understand and exercise these rights.

Campus administrators—frequently advised by the institution’s general counsel (i.e., an attorney who works specifically for the institution)—often have far more information than students about the legal requirements of campus judicial systems and procedures. FIRE believes that students facing disciplinary tribunals should develop specific skills in preparing a defense.

The good news is that there is much that you can do to secure more fairness and to protect yourself and your future.

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