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Women prefering high status high income men with certain masculine physical features.

I think Massimo is commiting a fallacy when he labels people having a within race mate preference as racists.

What does cognitive psychology tell us about how this new choice context affects our happiness?

Massimo and Julia turn an analytical eye on the math and science of online dating, in this episode of Rationally Speaking. White men prefer white women as well as Asian women.

Even within a race it has been shown that people tend to be most interested in people that have more physical characteristics (ear shape, eye placement, cheeckbone height, jawline, etc.) in common with them, so, considering that race usually correlates with many, if not all, of these things in addition to things like skin color, it's not surprising many people who have no problem with interracial relationships are not as attracted to people of other races.

In addition, race and culture also tend to correlate, so people may use race as a shortcut for finding someone with a similar culture.

Overall it seems like the women are pro-white men and have a smaller variations among other races while men are hugely anti-black women (and a couple others specific to certain races of men) with even smaller variations between other races, but really it seems women are only more racist if by "racist" you mean less likely to respond to anyone.

This (as well as the higher likelihood of black women responding and lower likelihood of white men responding) can probably be explained by having a greater (or lesser for black women) number of messages to choose from (with women v men I'm basing this on what I know of dating sights tending to have an overabundance of males; with black women and white men I'm extrapolating that a lower response rate from a certain group is correlated with a lower likelihood of an initial message from that group, The difference between people saying interracial marriage is ok and they themselves not being interested in other races may not be all racism per se but rather a general preference for someone who looks like yourself.

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At least if we understand racism as a choice of outlook on life, within the realm of preferences and ethics.

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