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In relation to most states, Connecticut has provided generous welfare benefits.

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governor, who is elected for a four-year term, heads Connecticut’s state government.

The governor initiates legislation, prepares the state budget, appoints department heads, and can veto individual items of an appropriation bill.

There are many community health clinics in addition to the advanced medical centres of the University of Connecticut, located in Farmington, and of the Yale–New Haven Hospital.

The state’s Office of Health Care Access has endeavoured to help citizens receive adequate health care.

There is nonetheless a long-standing, intense tradition of local autonomy.

These local governments maintain roads and provide elementary and secondary education and police and fire protection.Urban redevelopment programs in Connecticut’s larger cities have made progress, although areas of inner-city blight and abandoned housing have remained.Renewal programs in New Haven during the 1950s and ’60s became a prototype for the rest of the country.Connecticut’s legislative branch, the General Assembly, is composed of a 151-member House and a 36-member Senate.It met biennially until a constitutional amendment adopted in 1970 provided for annual legislative sessions.Nonetheless, the state joined the national effort to reduce welfare costs, establishing workfare (mandated employment) programs for those on public assistance rolls and deinstitutionalizing many who had been in mental health facilities.

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