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They’ve had previous run ins with the law in regards to alcohol. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol dependence seek help immediately.

Perhaps they’ve had a few DUI charges, gotten into fights when drink or have a disorderly conduct or public intoxication charge on their record. Call the Al-Anon Family Group at 1-800-662-HELP to locate meetings and resources in your area.

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Today we’re discussing 11 signs to increase your awareness of what alcohol abuse looks like in 2015. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating a birthday, birth of a child, a new job or promotion, purchasing a house or even making it home safely, alcohol is the one definite item your sweetie will bring.

Somehow any milestone will be cause to have a few drinks. After payday they may only drink 1800 tequila or Remy Martin but as the money fades they’ll be knocking back $2 dollar cans of beer like the top shelf never existed.

But after a few months, you end up seeing other sides of each other. That’s a good sign at least, but there’s still plenty you don’t know about him.

You don’t know what triggers his drinking or what his follow-through is like in general.

It just seems that he would be better off figuring out his own issues first before he starts a new relationship.

All-to-often a new relationship can be used to delay or cover-up dealing with our problems.

Mayo Clinic defines it as the “inability to control drinking despite health and social consequences, preoccupation with alcohol, physical dependence on alcohol, and denial of drinking”.

In our fun filled society where we have a large variety of social settings to ‘good time’ in with family and friends, it’s often easy to mistake alcoholism for social drinking.

Unfortunately, as with many addictions, not all recovery attempts have a happy ending attached.

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