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It's as if you're creating your own reality TV programme, but played out for the benefit of your followers and friends rather than a prime-time audience.

Quite frankly, it's a lot of bother for very little reward.

It either fizzles out because you've reached bantz saturation point or you end up meeting in real life, walking into a dimly lit bar and knowing as soon as you've laid eyes on each other that you have no chemistry whatsoever and that all the meaningless texting was just that – meaningless.

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Dating conflicting schedules

I refer, of course, to the return of , the hit British reality series that puts a group of highly telegenic millennials into a villa somewhere sunny, encourages them to couple up in order to win a cash prize and then films the results for public delectation.

All those invitations to friends' weddings and roof terrace barbecues and children's christenings will have to fall by the wayside. For the next few weeks, I will have more important things to attend to.

It’s always the same: relationships three and six months in length and then “something suddenly happened.” I see a lot of guys who are seen as needy because their job allows for a more open schedule and their dater has a stricter schedule.

When I was younger, I had to learn that although I was attracted to older men, they never wanted to plan anything.

I downloaded all the necessary apps, called things like Bumble, Tinder or Hinge, as if they were high-spirited boys at a 1950s boarding school who had been given baffling nicknames.

I dutifully filled out the questionnaires ("How would your best friend describe you? ") and uploaded the requisite photos designed to make me look simultaneously approachable yet enigmatic.

You will routinely be ghosted by men like this, who are bedazzled by choice, and who stop being in touch and never explain why.

Women, by contrast, are more likely to get their hopes up and indulge in some far-fetched romantic narrative, which ignores the fact the man they've matched with describes themselves as "spiritual" because they once readby Paulo Coelho. And what if, by some miracles of miracles, you do end up in a relationship?

They are bright-eyed with great hair and hyper-toned bodies and teeth that flash white in ultraviolet light.

On dating apps, everyone now has to curate their own lives to look like a version of this same physical ideal.

It would start off with an innocent question, "So your profile says you like golf?

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