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So seeing Josh’s true feelings come out is so satisfying, it’s better than cake. What is delicious is that Penelope’s stable strength allows Michael’s personal redemption — much more interesting and satisfying than his professional one.He is a Grade A asshole for much of the beginning, but when coming to terms with his own emotional vulnerability and need for Penelope, unsurprisingly he becomes a much better man. If you are one of the 12 romance fans who was not weaned on Anne of Green Gables, then get thee to a library or bookstore.It's patently nonsense, though — even if there are twenty things you both like, the fact one of you hates Seinfeld and the other one doesn't will doom your relationship.

That's exactly the feeling I had when I learned about Hater — the new dating app that seeks to match potential partners based on mutual hatreds.

The app is based on the premise that people bond more closely over the things that irritate or infuriate them than shared likes or interests. Nothing brings people together more effectively than hatred.

You can deconstruct every scene of every movie, tearing them all to shreds shot-by-shot, pouring forth torrents of passionate loathing until, inevitably, you fall into each other's arms and kiss like you've never kissed before.

Hater should, if there's any justice, take the world by storm, because it's the first dating app to recognise the truth about human nature.

Hater users are able to indicate a range of things they hate, and are then shown people in the same area with similar dislikes.

Users can then "like" the matches they wish to contact, a la Tinder.

Hatred is the great uniting force of humanity, and always has been.

Not that we like to admit it, which is why we keep mouthing the old "shared interests" myth to each other.

A romantic landscape fuelled by Hater will be a far more harmonious one.

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