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History is actually repeating itself:  Men have been wearing nail polish since 3,200 B. Following an excavation of royal tombs at Ur of the Chaldees in southern Babylonia, it was reportedly discovered that most men during that era wore nail polish, with different colors signifying different classes.

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Early in 2015, Elle even asked if 'MAN'icures were going to be the next "thing." But really, it's not a new thing at all.

In fact, nail polish for dudes used to be the norm.

In Egypt, people of all classes were encouraged to paint their nails, again with color denoting status.

Members of the upper classes, including icons like Nefertiti and Cleopatra, tended to wear red made from plant extracts.

A 17-year-old guy wearing nail polish, it would seem, is not really a big deal.

Johnny Depp, Taye Diggs, Seal, Jared Leto,  Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Elden Henson of  The Hunger Games, Darren Criss, Harry Styles and more.

She is believed to have been drugged and transported in a bag to Borgial, an isolated village near Turin, before being released on July 17.

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