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Spanish culture is also introduced, covering topics of daily life including political and social.

Superior Level: This is the highest level for students with an advanced level in Spanish, and wish to perfect and specialize their skills.

Gives students the capacity to communicate fluently, conduct speeches, and be able to grasp the message implicit in technical debates and programs. Focus is on conversational skills, writing, and reading comprehension.

This course is the core language program for advanced level students.

Improving oral fluency and written composition skills is ther major emphasis.

The busy airport El Altet has regular flights to major destinations in Spain and abroad.

Trains, express buses and ferry service all provide good transportation.Alicante offers a wide variety of entertainment: theatre, cinemas, numerous tapas bars it is famous for its local fiestas.It is easy to travel to Alicante due to the excellent national and international communications.Founded in 1979, the University of Alicante is recognized as one of Spain’s most modern universities.Over 30,000 students attend, and over 32 degrees are offered.Students are taught to recognize hidden messages and connotations in texts to understand contemporary scripts, as well as to write fluent texts, using creative Spanish at the highest standard. Students learn the daily life necessities, as well as expressing emotions and how to communicate opinions and using the correct language in social settings.

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