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Ill never go to another big box store and pay too much. In 2014, Just Bats box showed up at the house, I got a high 5 and mom gets a hug with tears.....maybe this year its my turn.

Then get customer service that is 2nd to most when there is an issue. Just wanted to say thanks My Bat arrived on time but had a nick in the barrel.

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This is free ground shipping and I am beyond happy with Just Bats!

The website is extremely user friendly, filters so I can find what I need quickly, all the name brands with warranties, easy checkout, free shipping and amazingly fast shipping and delivery!

These two sites are an amazing resource for anyone who needs high quality baseball or softball equipment. I selected regular ground service which would make my bats arrive on the 29th. I ordered a new bat for my son and it came in as quick as ever which was good because he had a tournament last weekend.

The only problem that I have found with either site is that I get in quite a bit of trouble with my wife because I keep buying bats and gloves for me and my two sons, even though I don't "need" them. You have a fan for life and I have told literally hundreds of parents and players about your sites. Someone at Just Bats took it upon themselves to ship the item 2 Day Air AT NO EXTRA COST and my bats arrived on the 24th, just in time to surprise my son with them. The price for the 2-pack was great, too, by the way. Let me just say how impressed I was with the customer service. Today, the selection and make up of a bat is a critical part of the game. There was a minor imperfection with the bat that I asked customer service about just to be sure it would not cause any issues with performance.

150% satisfied and will never buy a bat from any other place. I called customer service and they apologized and sent me another bat the next day. I have purchased several bats from this website over the years and have always been happy with the quick shipping and good prices.

I am both a LL and travel ball coach, as well as a former minor league ball player and I have been blown away with both the value and the customer service from and Just Bats customer service, shipping and professionalism exceeds industry standards among online retailers. I ordered a bat two-pack on the Monday before Christmas. But what has really impressed me was my last order last week.

Just Bats had the bat for 200, to round off the price. That's the third bat I've purchased from you and it's been the same every time. I had a problem with a Demarini bat that I ordered here (wasn't Just Bats problem) and Demarini would not help me at all!

The bat is a great bat, and Just Bats is a very good place to buy bats, so now I am saving up to get the Louisville Slugger LXT bat. I've told everyone Just is the only place you need to look at for price and service. So I called Just Bats just trying to figure out what I should do and they completely solved the problem for me when it wasn't their place to do so! Thank you SO much for helping me when you did not have to, you guys are the best! I used the online chat and received some really good advice on which bats to get my son.

I will purchase all of my boys bats from Just Bats from now on and recommend to all my friends that they do the same.

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