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This is an open meeting at the President’s Atrium Bar/Lounge – see venue details below.

There are regular meet-ups for members-only in Bury (5th April) Sometimes other places too: Portsmouth. See further down for the ‘First Day of the Rest of Your Life’ – on Saturday, 19th May 2018 – get in touch NOW to book your place: [email protected] or phone 020 7607 9661.

Members-only events are sent with the quarterly magazine. We are often told that: “I was really nervous about coming to this meet-up. I really enjoyed meeting other people with herpes and talk about it openly – and to get my questions answered.” We are all ages, all colours, all sexes!

Some tips for herpes people This is definitely one of the relevant tips ever.

In case you will be important in having a healthy lifestyle, you can basically be sure about the point that you will encounter minimum number of occurrences in a year.

So, join these groups have a solid support system as well.

This can in turn allow you to overcome the fact that you’re having this virus.

Genital herpes is a known disease which is caused by (HSV) herpes simplex virus.

It results in distressing sores on the genital area. The virus stays within the body and can turn active again.

Mainly, it involves feelings of lack of self-esteem and the problems/methods of talking about herpes simplex (‘cold sores on the wots-it’) to new or potential partners. We will be there from 3 pm – to 6 pm, but you can arrive and leave when it suits you, we are very informal.

It is a sort of informal counselling if you like, with the experience of each person there, adding to Marian’s time-tested advice. We can discuss ‘it’ in public without anyone being aware we are a support group for genital herpes.

A huge advantage is the great chance of finding a special person with whom you could possibly share your life with. Herpes online dating in UK could be done at a much slower rate and you can opt out any moment, which means it is quite a little safer than meeting dates individually.

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