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The problem is that you tend to "forget" this fact, or fail to use it to your advantage, as soon as your version of a "Ms. Rather than being "happy" about the opportunity to meet your Perfect 10, you begin to feel bad because you don't think you measure up or have what it takes to actually attract and keep such a lady.The myth of The Perfect 10, and your belief in this myth, is handicapping you and limiting your social effectiveness.

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Now with these particular women - these women who see themselves as being above you, or who feel that you should be knocking yourself out trying to impress them - with these women you may need a modified strategy.

You may need to knock them off their little pedestals.

There's a lot of very ugly white guys on there so race definitely plays a part and the few blacks they had on there male and female who were far more attractive they got rid of them quickly This is a very racist site Not the worst site in australia but not quite the best either, that accolade stays with for a while longer at least.

Thing with Beautiful People is it has the numbers but lacks the bloody cool people, you know?

After all, every guy wants a girl like her - The Perfect 10. He concludes that Karen is out of his league and he needs to be a little more realistic. She's pretty cute, and nice - about a 7 or 8 in his book. And even though he finds himself fairly happy with Laura, in the back of his mind, he'll always wish he had had more to offer, so that he would stand a chance with Karen. And Steve's dating Karen because he doesn't feel he has enough to offer a 10 like Laura. Of course, I'm not really telling you anything here that you don't already know. Being an ordinary guy, you start feeling unworthy, like you don't really have anything to offer such a Goddess.

I believe that you already know that beauty is completely subjective and can vary tremendously from guy to guy. You start thinking that she is so perfect that every guy in the place MUST want her.

and maybe even a few delusional ladies who think that they actually are Perfect 10s.

Heck, there are some butt-ugly guys running around who think that they're pretty hot stuff too.

In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a lady, any lady in this huge world of ours, who qualifies as an Almost Perfect 9. And they probably, overall, receive better treatment in our world.

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