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From recall of your previous thread, it appears she is a bit of a user (unintentional, don’t get me wrong) and is probably spoilt - I wouldn’t trust her.Further, I wouldn't let her waste any more of my time - do yourself a favour, hard as it may be, and cut back on time on her significantly.

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You need really 2 or 3 pairs at least, and alternate. Keep a pair of 1/2 decent slip-on's under the desk (shoes that is! you can always change etc when at work, then put the nicer ones back on for commuting and lunching purposes. How about getting a little interest in rugby, or if you are from the US that game they play there where they throw a football forwards. make sure you have male friends ok, cos even though it may be fun hanging with the girls, that's all it'll ever be.

You know, you walk in anywhere wearing "practical" men’s shoes with a suit, unfortunately people (in particular women people) mark you as being a "hump" from that point on, and a hump aint going to get too much of the good oil now. Unsubscribe from all the extra TV channels you have got - you don’t need them. Watch less TV - really you must cut back on this 13. Trust me, in my friendship groups over the years I have seen the dependable perpetual single guy who the girls in our group look to for support "you are my best friend", "you are like a brother to me" and some girls need this kind of guy. that guy never gets anywhere - best he gets is to hold her hand and put his arm around her shoulder when some cool guy (her boyfriend) has dumped her, sneak a downwards peek, and that's it! Rest assured, as witnessed countless times, all those girls in the group (who are so sweet and nice) keep on dating cooler guys than the "nice guy", and who dates (or more?

So you can take notes on how to act like Tara Reid Step 1: get drunk and act real dumb Step 2: common sense makes life less fun Step 3: The best way to get accepted Is to put out and become anorexic.

no, sghe avoids you because she doesn'tlike you, or finds your personality/presence somewaht uncomfortable.

There are few things less appealing than you A preteen girl that dresses like a prostitute You want to act like Britney well thats a mistake You want to look like divas but divas are skanks Dating cooler older guys in high school grades If they were really that cool theyd get girls their own age But they cant, so their on a cradle crusade Cause statutory rapes the coolest way to get laid They dont want there bodies to be covered Cause girls are getting sluttier younger There too young to be talking about sex And losing their virginity at recess Buying push up bras you have to stuff to fill in And giving hand jobs on the bus during school field trips During dances moving like a tramp is your goal And to wear revealing clothes when you have nothing to show Christina or Paris who do you idolize more While looking for a thong in a childrens size four Getting good grades is not what youre dreaming of Youd rather go on MTV and show them your nubs.

That cant handle the pressure their under So girls are getting sluttier younger I wish those jr highers would stop Wearing shorts that barely cover their crotch Youre 12, mature enough to start smoking weed Wasnt it just last week you were watching Disney Now its The 101 Hottest Whores On E!Fat Kid, if I am right about my recollection of your earlier post about tis woman and your situation, you are going to spiral back into the same problems yet again.So, you have to get a grip and do something positive to enhance your life and not get preoccupied with her ok.she never told me whether she likes me or not when I asked, she claimed that she didn't know so I really shouldn't wait. cheers Hey Fatkid, Didn't you do that on a thread some time ago - about some girl who wasn't sure, got back together with her ex-b.f., used you are a sounding board and emotional support mechanism, lead you on/off/on/...?then after all this time she finally confessed her feelings for me too. Since she said she has feelings for you, but she's still not over her ex, perhaps going out as friends would be a good start? Do you trust her now, that she "confessed her feelings"? Look, to be blunt, you have had 2 years written off for her, now she comes back to Fatkid when the chips are really trust her?This helps give separation from the old Fat Kid and the new Fat Kid. Replenish yourself with something you once enjoyed but no longer do (piano, flute, wax-works modelling (or mild sport, nothing too strenuous for you just yet) 4. Get new bed linen when you move, and throw out the mismatching kitchen ware (new stuff is pretty cheap) 7.

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