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Apparently the couple was out grabbing food when a very enthusiastic fan approached the duo: “I thought all of this was cute and exciting until he said ‘ariana is sexy as hell man i see you, i see you hitting that!!! “This may not seem like a big deal to some of you but I feel sick and objectified,” Grande continued.

Lady Gaga's love life has often been tumultuous, especially since she split from former fiancé Taylor Kinney.

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Like, for instance, getting into bar fights at nightclubs in Aspen, Colorado.

The Aspen Times reports that Conor was out with his buddy at a club when some jerks called his friend a gay slur.

In a web segment called "Watch What Happens LOVE with Andy Cohen," Cohen was asked what girl or guy he would set Gaga up with.

He though about it for a second, but came up with a pretty good choice: soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The NY Times reports that Burke was not at all pleased with the conclusion of the show, which says he probably killed Jon Benét because of some pineapple thievery, and his parents did some extra shady shit to protect him.

In the lawsuit filed Wednesday, Burke Ramsey claims that the network, its production company and the experts interviewed in the series on the unsolved murder conspired to defame him for publicity and profit …

No explanation was needed because come on, have you seen that guy?

Alas, this match made in Cohen's heaven won't be happening anytime soon. She makes her own perfume." As for what a rom-com based on John Mayer's love life would be called, it would have to be But it was Anderson Cooper who seemed to get the harshest of critiques.

So young master Kennedy dusted off his finest slapping glove and demanded that the brute apologize.

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