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It seems God actually ‘encouraged’ those bad interpretations.

Yes, god’s computers is in charge of both good and bad ideas that are sent to our subconscious which are then sent to the conscious brain, our job is to judge which is good and which bad…free choice.

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brahma is Married to Sarah while Abraham is married to Sarah. My favorite is the English Euphemism read as yafey mishem it means Prettier than its name I dare anyone to come up with better definition.

There are literally scores if not hundreds of English words that Israelis use as borrowed from English but no one seems to notice.

The word Confound transliterate as Can-Feh-Anad, meaning Here-language-knotted. God didn’t create many languages he Knotted Hebrew. The origin of the English word Cable is the Hebrew Cavel (identical) and not as the dictionary suggests from the Latin Capulu which has only the letter C in common.

The decoding system I use is far stricter than linguist use because I must use all consonants and aren’t allowed to add or change consonants.

It couldn’t have happened through any evolutionary explanation.

Someone changed 4 different organs in order to accomplish such a miraculous feat.

This is because those words were not created by some accident but by god’s design.

Cabelo means Hair (cables) in Spanish and Portuguese (crossword puzzle). And then there is the heart of the building we call Lobby, not to mention the words; Love, Live. The programs that control thought and language can’t be screwed with, can’t be wrong.

there is no clear way to tell) to prove to me personally as if I were on an island all alone that he exists and that’s what I got, a Prove positive I can show others that god exists and is still running everything.

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