Dress up girls and boys dating

City-County Council: Jeff Miller arrested on child molestation charges Kuma's Corner: Burger-joint customer regrets leaving review about server's breasts Varvel: A Christian case for the Mike Pence rule The dress code implies that boys can't stop themselves from looking at girls' bodies, some critics say, so it's the girls' fault when boys can't pay attention in math.It's the girls who are taken out of class to change their clothes.In Washington Township, students don't wear uniforms and can dress casually.

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Some people worry that if students have no rules, they'd all show up to school naked.

But students largely agreed that they shouldn't wear see-through shirts, sagging pants or anything that shows their undergarments.

In one Washington Township middle school, the dress code advises: Don't wear skirts shorter than your fingertips.

Don't wear leggings unless you cover your butt with a long shirt. But some students and parents worry the message the dress code sends to girls is: Even if that's not the intent, it's an early message, they say, that blames girls for boys' bad behavior.

But school policy deemed that her clothing seemed "to interfere with the educational process," and so Lyttle picked up her daughter and took her home to change.

"It made me feel like my body wasn't acceptable," Addie Lyttle, an eighth grader, told Indy Star.

The offending outfit: a T-shirt, athletic shorts and sandals.

The shorts were comfortable, not short-shorts or tight shorts.

Critics of these types of dress codes say that same message, in its most extreme state, is what leads some to blame women and girls who are victims of sexual assault: Recognizing that a dress code can send a different message to girls than it does to boys, some school districts across the country are rethinking the rules.

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