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I thought that maybe my little girl had found a boyfriend.

Imagine my surprise to walk in the house and see my ex-wife!

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I pulled out for a few seconds and slammed it in again. And finally her pleading eyes were begging me to finish.

I pulled back and filled her mouth with three good ropes of hot cum. I thought you were a kind and gentle man." I told her I was sorry but Jen just pissed me off.

I felt like a guppy that jumped out of the bowl after just a half hour of not very strenuous work.

I now knew it was going to take me at least six months to finish the "Daddy Do" list of projects.

Forty years of marriage and raising four kids is a tough history to throw away.

That night she came to bed naked and I once again, got to taste her sweet pussy and drink her warm juices as she came.

The house had good bones but needed a lot of cosmetic work and landscaping.

I figured it was about a three month project but I was OK with that.

It said, "Slippery When Wet" and had an arrow pointing down. "Confederate Railroad," once made famous a song called "Trashy Women," part of the lyrics are "I Like My Women A Little On The Trashy Side". She was certainly not someone you'd want to take home to your Mom. I bought her another drink and went to the men's room to dump some used beer. "When he was in the restroom you said you'd like to know what it felt like to suck off a sixty-eight year old guy. " The guys at the bar just hooted their approval and reiterated their contribution to the show. " This defiant look was now directed at me but she did what I ordered.

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