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So, to satiate the people we have come up with Hasin Jahan Biography.

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Hasin Jahan family is primarily based out of Kolkata. Keep reading Hasin Jahan wiki to know about Hasin Jahan husband and Hasin Jahan love affairs.

Ever since photos of Mohammed Shami with his wife have been circulated on the internet everybody is trying to find out who is Mohammed Shami wife?

Hopefully like other cricket wives she too will be a known name soon by proving excellent lady luck in Mohammad Shami’s career.

Here, in Hasin Jahan Bio we have covered details about Hasin Jahan family background, Hasin Jahan personal life and the inside details about the marriage of the duo.

Hasin Jahan father Mohamed Hassan is a successful businessman in Kolkata and runs a transportation business.

He is a well known name in Kolkata for his excellent business skills. The Bengali Bombshell Hasin Jahan has captured the interest of media and people.

Media started speculating about the two dating when they spotted Hasin Jahan in a match in Australia. When the couple got married Mohammed Shami remained out of field for some time. The two have been enjoying their newly wedded status and are having a time of their life, going places and hanging out together.

However, Mohammed Shami returned back to field soon. Perhaps, his lady love did bring in some love for him.

Hasin Jahan marriage was a private affair and only the family and close friends of the couple were invited.

Shami’s team mates were not a part of this grand affair.

Here, we tell you that Mohammed Shami wife name is Hasin Jahan.

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