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I tried to have a couple of men fist me, but their hands were just too big.

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We didn’t exchange names or photos – just met at a local park and I hopped in her backseat.

Once I started to get wet, she inserted her fingers one by one. The pressure was out of this world and I almost came instantly.

We got our mixed bodily fluids on the food when I pulled out, but we decided to eat it all anyway (I mean, why waste good food? Afterward that, we got a bit creative with the dessert and made a real mess as we had sex on every single horizontal surface in the kitchen.

Let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to shine a blacklight over her kitchen pretty much ever.” —cybariot “I got really into fisting porn and would practice stretching myself.

One thing led to another, and we had the best sex EVER in the hot tub. I’ve have always craved another experience like that.” —sarahn49b5a2640 “I once had discreet sex with my girlfriend in her dorm room while we were in the middle of a conversation with her roommate.

This took place in the middle of the day, with several people coming in and out of the room.She took my clothes off and we ended up taking turns on the chair, licking each other.It was amazing because we both have big breasts and soft skin.It was the best, most passionate sex with a stranger I’d ever had. —aplaza6 “My boyfriend and I were spending the night at a friend’s apartment.We actually hooked up a few times after that too.” —melissaa4f13c85b6 “I had a fling with one of my bosses before, and one time he made me stay late to finish an assignment. In the middle of the night, everyone thought it’d be fun to go for a swim.My girlfriend and I just kinda snuggled up under the covers, both facing her roommate, and mid-conversation she leaned back and whispered ‘I want you inside me.’ I obliged and maneuvered things to make it work.

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