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Grid Player comes with three complete grid sets - Symbol Talker A, Symbol Talker B and Text Talker.The symbol based grid sets are complete dynamic screen vocabularies and are available for two different levels of user.Messages can be shared on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, and full pages can be shared by email, by i Tunes or by Dropbox.

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Thanks to the new syncing logic you won’t have to think about backup anymore: create a free account on our cloud and start using Chat Able.

It will sync automatically all your contents so, no matter where you’re logging in from, you’ll have all the same pages and settings that you need!

It enables symbol users to access information independently which might not otherwise be available to them.

Symbolworld contains a huge variety of articles, stories and information.

There are details of who we are currently working with below.

If you would like to be kept up to date with developments as they happen please join our mailing list and we will contact you as soon as new products and apps become available.For people that want to use an i Pad as an effective AAC device, Smartbox Assistive Technology sell complete i Pad packages.Download Grid Player for free from the Apple App Store.Chat Able will search vocabulary as you type (looking through all cells you’ve set up, as well as your speech history and words from the database).Phrase & Symbol search can really speed up message writing.The intuitive set up means that you can create page sets in a matter of minutes.

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