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The pub was renovated several years back and the men’s toilets have been very creatively refurbished.I thought ‘hands-on’ people like Jim, Peter and Ron might steal some of the creative ideas for their next home reno. I fact I’ve even found women in there inspecting the men’s urinal.His English was a lot better than my Japanese, “sayonara”.

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One might wonder if the saving of one bolt was a cost saving measure imposed on Abingdon by BMC accountants? The fan and fan clutch worked wonderfully well and kept the old six cylinder engine as cool as a ..., even when left idling.

The length of these three bolts is critical in order to fit behind the clutch mounting flange and its body and still have enough length to screw into the water pump flange and hold the pulley in place. While 18mm bolts fitted the old modification there wasn’t enough room in the replacement clutch so studs were made and Loctited in place in the water pump flange. The problem now is, it’s too cool with the temperature needle barely moving. Remember ladies and gentlemen keep ‘em tuned, Rich The new fan clutch and fan bolted to the water pump and holding the pulley in place.

We travelled over the SE Freeway along Carey Gully Road and eventually found our way onto Greenhill Road again but heading west this time to the Uraidla Hotel.

We found ourselves a park out front and headed inside. I promised the MGC drivers a tour of the men’s toilets.

Please pass this on to your MGC register members or at least to the ones capable of using tools.

For RHD cars a flat bar works well, I had to add the offset after fitting the AC Compressor pulley. Now, for an engine to run effectively it needs to operate at the correct temperature.The original fan spacer is 26mm thick and the metal fan from the mounting surface to the fan blade edges is also 26mm.Adding these two together and subtracting it from the 73mm distance between the water pump flange and core leaves a 21mm gap, 2mm less than the modification above.So why is there one on our nice MGC Co-ordintor’s ‘C’?Well he answered that question by saying the modification “sounded like a good idea at the time” (2003) and anyway Bruce did it. With the engine idling, the fan was checked by carefully inserting a rolled up magazine into the blades and it was easily stopped indicating there was no oil in the fan clutch.The other modification that is needed is to drill two extra holes in the fan clutch mounting flange.

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