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Personal income — now at 3.2 bil- lion annual rate — is almost billion ahead of year ago . That's finding of nationwide consumer attitudes study by University of Michi- gan - Interviewers talked with 1,350 fami- lies in all parts of U. Hers are highlights: Most consumers feel they are better off now«financtaily — than a year ago.

You can look for rotail sales this month and next to exceed |36 billion* That'll bring year r s total to around S195 billion, up from UB6 billion for 1955, Reasons for optimism: With more than 66 million persons now at work, only 2*9 per cent of work force is unemployed r compared to 4 per cent for 1955. Promotion* Say sales specialists* ►CONSUMERS ARE CONFIDENT about business outlook and their own prospects for 1957.

NATION'S BUSINESS FOR NOVEMBER 1956 7 Commerce Clearing House says equal number of shifts in business license taxation were enacted. Loan applications to Snail Business Admtnistrat Ion show extent of rise.

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..ni-iii Fuysillj- catl,k«VBr mam roggid und Innej— kutnlg. There is general expectation of prioe increases* Consumers expressed intentions to buy autos at somewhat h Lgher level than 6 months ago, ^PRESENT SURGE POINTS on upward into 1957, Next level-off: Not in sight.

Three fourths expect business condi- tions to be good in coming year.

Yes, say 86 per cent of more than 250 top management people interviewed by University of Michigan's Survey Re- search Center- Why? It reduces absenteeism, makes employes happy* Survey maae for U. Here's what National Labor Relations Board record shows: Individuals 1 complaints against unions are 89 per cent above 1950-53 average* Those against employers are up only 33 per cent.

Record also shows; Individual workers use Taft-Hartley against unions more than employers da.

CAST IRON PIPE managements WASHINGTON LETTER ►GET HEADY FOR BIGGEST Christmas rush you've ever seen* That's view of businessmen, econo- mists, consumers. Americans are putting cash away At rate of more than JJ21 billion a year* What else is needed?

Alio: Congress appears certain to look into tight money situation, par- ticularly as it affects construction industry, ►YOU CAJJ EXPECT TAX law changes by next Congress* Congressional committees are going over books now,. There's special Nation's Business report on page 44 « State tax preview; Business will face about 350 tax law changes enacted this year by 36 state legislatures .

President David Mc Donald's salary is now ,000, Up from ,000* ►WHAT HAPPENS WHEN GOVERNMENT gets out of private enterprise-type operation?

Here's report on Federal Barge Lines: Under government ownership, operation cost taxpayers almost million from 1938-52.

Cine report shows provisional over-all data Tor 1956. l p will give final data for 1955 t compare with 1950 and earlier, show migration**! Preview: Data will show fastest growing states (percentagewise) are in Southwest. State* To get reports write Census Bureau, Washington 25 p D. as K that your firm be placed on mailing list for data In F-25 Series, ►HAVE TROUBLE COMMUNICATING with your employe s, associates? Prof, Wesley #, Wiskell of Louisiana State University suggests steps which will improve your power as listener: 1, Keep your desk clear of distract- ing pictures or papers. And now you can make last, economical shipments via Railway Express Agency's new international air and surface connections, It's the complete rai J-air shipping service, he* enterprise at Us best, # . 710, 425 North Michigan, Chicago 11, Il L Among Mia more man 300,000 campaniv* whh Blue Cro** *rm-- ln Bi Jii A vidian C? Here's* why: Blue Shield gives, broad pro- tection. Nu * under Uir J.i U Glina-Cihlr J* llir mnut w-mlr-il cm[) wl Wmr iflf enjoyment of J i r It ..the only MAIDOW c m®ojj(g K] Keyboard burroughs Director ADDING MACH1NI The- ramoi Vable operating ediv of rhc Burrougbi D'brflc Tw, wifcb Its scienl JFfeal Ky tlop«d r itiadow-f Ouch keyboard, met** for lm OOfhj Ryin(J.finc)*n p*rferrrifln«.

2, Move from behind your desk to special listening chair to hear out what employe has to say. Oil N N INGHAM, l Hrur:iof q J Public Jtetoltu JMj Older workers Thanks very tnuch f.u- tin- i-xri/! Pmhibit Contributiofu* By Bittu-t C^rjw H";aionfl Or Unions In »State Electiims/ 1 It will be noted that the Slate of Tettueaseti is not listed &a l-'-iii L' a .itute jjl wiiit fi Mich tujitri- butions are prohifett Mt Bxaru Jipr Vice 1* hthitn pvtitli-til nonlrilitltin H* rp™*rii- tivrtm m f^nai. Keeping up Would you be kind Dnoujfh to check on my subscription to Nations Bu<ffi&E in ord^rthat f may be able to keep a record of tha expiration dftte? In addition, may 1 coji- irratulnte you and ytjur staf T cat pub- lishing one of (he finest Ijuk[p! # saf ^ $w %we Railway Espf«tt ln»f*n*ll»nal t#rv Hi m* tfictv Jtl u'Wiahoni wfflt: SI A fig A WQ ft Wi&TERM (and tinning wrtwij . Bene fits ;are provided for hundreds of different operations nnd many nonsurgical services. Cornel complete wr Th miflui fotah oflrf credit balances printed in red, pltn mcny orturr □pecafic Mial and economy □ dv Qn Pogci, And the Director 'i lomwd ifieri'? prised in hrarinys fnr r.\ ponded pi am Hon of inditelria J uses for crops.

11 PUBLISHER BY THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE UNITED STATES Editor Altfo P R Sypim Arim. Howard Mf Ldrtor Pjh I Wc Crfla Assocrtle f Mw Qeur Ei! Medic* Jfl Hph M G«mfailti« Tjrt Triissifi Art biiftr Jof Ra^lr Pntlerttn Adm. Da* ii Associates Ajdur T^jkjijo Cbarte* Dunn Thr March SH) P 113^0, il tin- po M ,k IU«. H T\ this ttci U-ni Fnt, 1 dm Jl try lo cspkm J P'l Thj Rm V* rijii. The bflcpt Ei^HA of tlir Pipim'Iii liii'nii wnrkfr in Lpjvm&| pr^ L4on h UW* fany bo ji^ijutl by the fant Unit tin- frr JIrnvhig: fnm«in Coru|i[il Mrs tiow luivt n^K j ra( icni H in nortn Rieor lit - initial mi l Exitiri Si r Hr-R^ M *|n-r r Bran ip El Hil U. .ut*3c« Rnc Duiaglng Inncj h^ng* pr 0 nn*nff a F war«r foiilr Tim, By lupporring mode rn Italian o F your fires* "il lyj Jtm, rf n#*dad. ipe*ify calf If Sft pipe, rhny're qcliqg Jn your bfefll inlftrai L Ov*f 7fl A marie*,*. His reasons: Government spending is rising* Investment in plant and equipment is running high— figure p s now at 538 bil- lion annual rate, compared to .7 billion for 1955, Residential construction is leveling out Kfter recent dip. Over-all analysis: Boom still has oomph In it, with variations in some sections* ►POLL OF SALES EXECUTIVES bolsters up tin! Inc., surveyed sales managers of leading com- panies » All expect country as whole to expe- rience good times in ne*t 12 months.

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