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New MTProxy app updates that support it released last week. OF6Nvm06 @ch3ckmat3 An easy (but different) way of reaching unread chats should be coming in the next version.

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Not long ago, swaggering companies such as Uber and Airbnb swept through cities like a wrecking ball, establishing billion-dollar businesses and vast constituencies before regulators could figure out how to rein them in. government raised new concerns about the use of telecommunications gear from Huawei Technologies, stepping back from previous assertions that the Chinese company’s products didn’t present a national security threat.

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@Mar Mar Husky @Apple A server-side issue made some random groups appear as banned. C0t Uh Prr U @Smugby Rakune A server-side issue made some random groups appear as banned. Repairs are ongoing after a massive power outage in the Amsterdam region that affected many services. Lj PRHdwe N @Jobvd Zwan Yes, you can delete that account and then transfer.

@whiteandnerdyru @durov DRn KGfaa @davecraige Ah, I see the problem now.

@Gamer Perfection When you join a channel, it stays in your chats list and you get notifications about new posts (un… Please check with HM10YWf for more info. This thing doesn't target Telegram users specifically, merely uses the Telegram bot API to com… ZCBGyb @Taha Yasseri Setting up a proxy server requires special knowledge. PVWs NEo @DEFindia @Whats App @signalapp @Mouth Shut @thecaravanindia This is relevant for Whatsapp. U2TA2k Ld @Taha Yasseri Not that hard, in fact.

@Chris Diehl It could be some loophole that existed a few years ago when we set up this account.

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