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A plump girl with red-dyed hair uses the toilet in her hotel bathroom.

A pretty, mature, blonde woman speaks dirty to the camera, reads a magazine while sitting on a toilet, pisses, farts and takes a shit.

Girls pooping cam-81

In voyeuristic style, a beautiful, blonde girl sits on a toilet, cuts long, wet farts repeatedly that seem to include some shit.

The noise is so loud and ridiculous, it may have been dubbed in. She is horrified that somebody outside the door may have heard her. A pretty, blonde, European girl speaks to us in her bedroom, shows us her ass, and then proceeds to the toilet, where she takes a piss, a massive shit, and wipes her ass.

Ana Didovic bends over and takes a massive, coiling, semi-soft shit onto a dresser cabinet.

There are 4 pooping scenes, ranging from soft to hard and a couple of pissing scenes.

Crackling sounds are heard, but the plop is barely heard. Nice, heavy, loud plops and some pissing can be heard.

An attractive girl wearing glasses with green-dyed hair speaks in a demeaning way, shows us her asshole, then takes a piss and a shit while sitting on a toilet. A pretty Bulgarian girl records herself with a wide-angle lens camera as she takes a shit while sitting on a toilet. A pretty, brunette girl with a great body shows off her ass and takes a firm shit into a plastic container. After a dog barks in the background, she begins to explode like crazy. A fat woman wearing glasses takes a loud, gassy, explosive shit and a piss while using a public restroom toilet at a beauty salon. A girl with a nice, curvy body takes a loose-sounding shit while sitting on a toilet. A blonde, European girl dances, changes clothes, pisses in her pants, and then takes a somewhat small shit on the floor, which she later mashes with her foot. She flushes due to the smell, farts more, then wipes her ass. In voyeuristic style, a beautiful, blonde girl sits on a toilet, farts, belches and takes a soft, gassy shit with audible plops. Poop action is sometimes visible, and some decent farts are heard. From the infamous studio that brought you "2 Girls 1 Cup", this toilet farting video features a pretty girl with braces farting repeatedly sitting on a toilet and in the face of a black girl.

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