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So, are the men not raised to pay any attention to their faith or religion? Does he have any of the attendant traits that come with being a God fearing man?Do the men we see at church or at mosques have any plans for walking in the faith?

The woman is then reminded of her responsibility to make sure the wind of faith never ebbs in the home.

When the children come, she is to ensure she raises them in the way of God.

This hymn was one of the numerous songs that heralded our morning devotions.

Led daily by my father, and co-anchored by my mother, our prayer sessions were evidence of a stable home. A home where father prayed, mother read the Bible and children belted choruses in praise of the heavenly hosts. They didn’t even pretend to love and respect this deity.

A male friend once said his mother was responsible for praying for him and his brothers!

It was his hope and belief that his future wife would intercede for his children.The scope of the required feminine purity was not limited to sexuality; it went without saying that it was an all encompassing form of restriction.I moved away for secondary school and I lived with a family of Muslims in a predominantly Muslim town.Armed with the expectation that I’d find the human traits that I had been taught were indicative of the presence of the fear of God, I was once again disappointed. Maybe my idea of the values of a God-fearing person was all wrong.Perhaps all it was meant to be was lip service – a badge one acquires and stores in the closet.It is for this reason that at the wedding, prayers are intensified for the bride to hold her home.

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