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He’s sold his business to two different unsavoury groups, and has no idea how he’s going to get out of this mess.That his current boyfriend is keeping him well supplied in drugs isn’t helping, either.The Ballad reintroduces this, along with internet dating, emails from chums, and adds in a Perez Hilton spoof celebrity blog.

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The Ballad Of Gay Tony is by far the better of the two, but it’s here that this attempt to create other Niko Bellic-alike feels most conflicted.

Luis Fernando Lopez is a business partner, bodyguard and muscle for Tony Prince, owner of two of Liberty City’s biggest nightclubs. Gay Tony, nicknamed for not exactly complicated reasons, is in a lot of trouble.

Unlike The Lost And Damned, you’re encouraged to have more of a social life with Luis.

While of course bowling alleys and the like are available in both games, you’re not being nagged by friends to hang out in TLAD.

Once again these missions are extremely well checkpointed, meaning the lengthy sequences need not be completely repeated to progress.

However, this time there’s a possible penalty for not completing them in one attempt.

Later he’s leaping out of helicopters to grab people mid-air, taking part in land, sea and air races (all at once), and helping the ridiculous Dubaian, Yusuf Amir (voiced brilliantly by stand-up Omid Djalili), to steal a variety of unlikely (and sometimes massive) vehicles.

One particularly excellent shoot-out takes place in a funfair.

This involves getting on the dance floor, sidling up to a single lady, and then impressing her with your ability to hit keys in time with the music.

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