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Simon is average height, with a distinctive fringe, spiked up with gel, that is commented by Jay to look like the Statue of Liberty's crown.

He is quite handsome, having had the most successful female attention, and Carli even comments that he has a 'great body'.

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He becomes best friends with Will after initially avoiding him due to his "actual briefcase", "clumpy shoes" and "gay hair".

Simon's first task of the new term is showing Will to his classes – task assigned by the head of sixth form, Mr Gilbert.

Jay Cartwright: Simon has a complicated friendship with Jay.

Simon claims to have known him for ten years by Series 1, and while they are friends, their conflicting personalities prevented them from becoming 'best' friends.

He is intelligent, but lacks common sense and confidence.

He is at times gullible, gormless and passive; sometimes even believing Jay's outlandish claims of sexual success, though he often manages to see through these comments. Simon has had a crush on his childhood friend Carli D'Amato since she was eight, an interest which becomes more apparent throughout the series.Jay's behaviour and personality often leads to Simon's downfalls.Such as his car going into the lake, missing his golf tournament, his car's passenger door being ripped off, falling into the ocean during their school trip, being throttled by the men at the bus stop, failing to attain an erection for Tara, humiliating himself in front of Carli and gaining his nickname "boner".Simon Cooper is a major character in the first, second and third seasons.He is the deuteragonist in the Inbetweeners series.He appears at times to be somewhat neurotic and prone to bouts of hysterical swearing at the slightest provocation, and responds to the boys' jocular but offensive comments with extreme anger in particular scenes.

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