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The ethnonym Hebrew is one of a few that in modern times apply to Jews but in Biblical times had a far wider application (and actually meant something, and had nothing to do with religion or nationality).

In the following table, every ethnonym except the first is a subset of the preceding one: Adam means Earthling and although the ethnonym "sons of Adam" is used only to denote men (Deuteronomy 32:8, 2 Samuel , Jeremiah ) it would technically cover every living thing on earth (it means something like "the mortals").

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The temple of the Hebrews was empty; their deity was wind. It was absurd, blasphemous and a disaster for any self-proclaimed god-king.

Since in the old world everything revolved around deities, people without clearly defined deities were atheists, and atheists (we know since Machiavelli) are awful subjects to dupe.

Shem is one of three sons of Noah, and personifies both a trait of the human mind and a characteristic of human culture.

Shem's family of Semites (or Shemites) peopled the Levant (Genesis -32, -32), including Babylon, from whence hailed Abram of Ur.

Jacob was renamed Israel at his attempt to cross the river Jabbok (Genesis ).

Whatever the name Israel signifies in the grander scheme of human mentality (because Israel was never just a nation, but rather the focal point of all nations — Genesis 12:3) is no longer obvious but it had to do with a level of interaction that sits somewhere between commercial trade (Abraham) and self-sacrificial love (Jesus of Nazareth).

And a state that's formed on a particular set of "self-evident truths" can be easily dismantled by disproving the merits of these founding premises.

But a nation of people that is devoted to learning, to changing, bending, doubting, refining and reforming can not possibly be molded into shape. They didn't buy into anything that couldn't be logically deducted, that didn't fit the ways of the universe or that didn't match the amassed wisdom of the ancients, which was refined as silver in a fire seven times over (Psalm 12:6).

Abrahamites, or sons of Abraham, are nations who interact with other nations (see our article on the name Abraham for more details).

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