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I think it is an appropriate time from the point of view of the college and myself personally." Dr.Jensen refused to comment on what he thought were the im- portant areas in which the next president should act because he felt such a statement would hinder the new administrator.In the field of motion pictures, he was one of the script writers for the forthcoming film Pardon Me. The violent display of force underscored the party Establish- ment's feeling about dissent and further justified the protesters' presence, in their own eyes and in the eyes of millions of TV viewers who witnessed the blood flow on Michigan Avenue. In "The Face of Vietnam" Cauchetier por- trays the native people as they live daily in their cities and villages. A Time for Killing with Glenn Ford, George Hamilton, Inger Stevens and Paul Peterson, Capri Theater. with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Colonial Theater. The Gregory-Orgy Girls and Uncle Tomcats House of Kittens, Towne Theater.

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He has also done a series of "Im- polite Interviews" in the Realist with Norman Mailer, Mort Sahl, Lenny Bruce, Dick Gregory, Allen Ginsburg and other such lumi- naries.

Krassner is also a contributing editor to Playboy and editor of the forthcoming book The Humor of Steve Allen. and a writer for the upcoming film, Seven Deadly Virtues. — Paul Krassner, a plan- ner of the Festival of Life, to speak troops. Muhlenberg exhibits 35 black and white photographs by French- man Raymond Cauchetier.

It was also suggested that a let- ter be sent to freshmen with their acceptance explaining the respon- sibilities of the Honor Code and that someone be available with whom students could discuss their problems with the Code. Related story page 6 Stating that he did not "expect this next academic year to be a lame-duck session," Dr. Jensen announced his retirement as president of Muhlenberg College effective August 31, 1969 to a special meeting of faculty and administrators last May 31.

Also mentioned were ideas for changing the Student Court-ad- ministration relationship and a training course for new court per- sonnel similar in structure to that for dormitory counselors. Jensen told the conferees Sunday night that "the health of student life at Muhlenberg is quite good; this is not to say it couldn't be better — it could be." Improvement Stressed He said that he would stress im- provement in two areas during his final year as president of the col- lege. "I'd like to assure you that I will continue to make decisions this coming year that will be best for Muhlenberg College, decisions that will keep this institution moving ahead," he added.

Determined to march to the Amphitheater, they were turned back by beatings, tear gas, MACE and menacing National Guard Editor Krassner yips at Monday assembly Speaking at next Monday's as- sembly will be the controversial Paul Krassner, society editor and columnist for Ramparts magazine; contributing editor to Cavalier magazine; and editor of the Realist magazine, "America's foremost so- cial satire-humor magazine." Krassner has moderated the ser- ies of panel-shows at Max Gor- don's Village Vanguard in New York City and has appeared on Open End, The Les Crane Show, The Alan Burke Show and The Joe Pyne Show.

He is a founder of the Youth International Party, which gained world-wide acclaim during the Democratic National Convention.If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser).If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again.Honor Code Discussed Better definition of how the hon- or code applies to their courses by professors and more publicity of Student Court activities were the two major suggestions to come out of the Sunday afternoon discussion of the Honor Code and Student Court.The student leaders felt that in- structors were not explaining- how they thought the Honor Code ap- plied to such areas as homework and laboratories where there is a diversity of interpretations. 6 Jensen set to retire No students after seven year stint J" committee for new pres.Former Kennedy aide Theodore Sorenson looked out from the rostrum, hesitated, and then tried earnestly to tell the Demo- crats why it was so important to take a stand for peace.

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