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A button can also have a drop-down menu with individual items with text or icons.

Each menu item can have its own dynamic URL to launch when clicked on. RSS feeds use the The protocol for getting these update feeds is either Atom 1.0, Atom 0.3, RSS 2.0, or RSS 1.0. To update the icon on the toolbar, or its tooltip description, from a feed, you need to add a toolbar-specific extension to RSS or ATOM using a namespace.

(For example, the user can go to the search box with Alt-G, press the down arrow to pull down the search engine menu, then type "w" in the search box to select the "wikipedia" search engine.) Use The Google Toolbar also enables you to create a button to execute most any website's search engine using the term the user types into the toolbar search box.

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Of the five ways to add a button, the first and last ways automatically know where the button updates should come from, and any tag that the user can easily change in the toolbar settings dialog box. Use the variable inside of any url template specification to insert the user's text.

This is useful, for example, in the case of a weather button to specify a zip code or a stock button to specifiy a ticker symbol. There is no validating or whitespace trimming of the input at this time, and the variable will escape whatever the user typed in using charset encoding (utf-8) and cgi parameter escaping, just as a text edit box on a form submit would.

The best looking icons are those that are made using 24 bits of color (RGB) and 8 bits of alpha, and saved as XP-style RGBA icons.

You can save the icon as a 16x16 PNG with alpha transparency, and then convert that into an XP-style 16x16 icon (using a program like Icon Workshop), and then base64-encode that.

There are several sites on the Internet that will do the encoding for you -- for instance, this one.

On that site, use the "Browse..." button to select the file you want to encode, then click the "Convert the source data" button to start the encoding.

Windows XP allows users to customize their color scheme, including toolbar backgrounds.

You could get around this by making a square icon that doesn't have any transparent parts, but they don't look as interesting.

These include 16x16 BMP, ICO, GIF, and JPEG images.

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