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38 » Monumental Catalog of ■ Edison Cylinders P0LLOLOGY . 54 ri QUE DEALERS DIRECTORY 56-60 jg D GLASS AND CHINA .

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(S6.00 in Canada, S6.50 foreign countries) ★ Devoted to the stimulation of the cultural arts.

★ Sponsoring the nationally known Chicago Antiques Exposition and Collectors' Fair since ■ 1931 ■ ★ Sponsoring World's Antique Mart of privately owned shops in the Lightner Memorial | building, 1006 South Michigan Ave. 8E Ann Reeder listant Editors Business Management Caroline Rogers Editorial & Advertising Production Assistant Itfnne Raffety Contributors Jim Walsh Dorothy Foster Brown Martha Hommel Dorothy Tudor Harrell Allen Brown Ethel Hall Bjerkoe Charles French ‘ " Clemens las Brown -1 Kraft Eilers -iph Gray ^8 E.

Sample $6.50 postpaid 3 for $16.50 postpaid Dealer price $39.60 per doz.

Borman, Lovell, Anders names appear on bask of moon. Certificate of authenticity and number with each bank.

1970 50 Gents y YUARY The Maga: GLASS SALT SHAKERS - 12 RARITIES (See page 114) January, 1970 HOBBIES —The Magazine for Collectors 5 1006 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

★ Co-Sponsors of the Lightner Museum of Hobbies, gift of O. d3255 Mechanical banks wanted by pri¬ vate collector. Free appraisal of col¬ lections or individual banks. State condition, including paint, and price desired. 142 Native American Homes and Equipment NATURAL HISTORY . l Of particular note is the fact that luring January, 1969, the finest of he Harlequin Banks known to exist, jigure 1, changed hands. Among the better mechanicals sold were Un¬ cle Remus, Calamity Bank, and the Billy Goat Bank. ■anuary, 1970 HOBBIES —The Magazine for Collectors 51 Mechanical Bank Activity 11969 By F. GRIFFITH ■ All of a sudden here it is — the ■January, 1970, issue of HOBBIES, Bid while it’s still 1969 with a few peeks to go, this would seem to be in appropriate time to review some pf the extraordinary activity with re¬ ject to mechanical bank collecting hat occurred during the year. A number of mechanical banks and still banks were disposed of during the series of sales. Orbelo Charles Worman Orville Hagans Vera Duncan Circulation Production Dale Graham Lillian Keeler Adelle Sorwell Grace Powers Cynara F.

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