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I took a break for awhile until I heard about the Tinder application.I liked the idea of rating people as hot or not and being able to control who spoke to me. Cupid, I had encountered too many thirsty boneheads or guys I simply had no chemistry with. Having used this application for 5 months, I find it’s similar Ok!*Nate intrigued me because I thought he was smart and musically talented.

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Due to a suggestion from a friend, I wanted to discuss dating military on the island of Okinawa.

At first, I was unsure how to handle this post due to the possibilities of being called unpatriotic, a military basher, and America hater.

In the end, I realized, haters gonna hate and likers gonna like.

Many, many moons ago, I was in a serious/long distance relationship with a soldier and it didn’t work out.

Some are looking for sex, some are looking to detach themselves from what they believe mundane military life is, some are looking for a partner simply because they are lonely.

Most of the men I meet from the military fall into those categories.

I feel suffocated and stifled by the men who want to escape their military life by latching onto someone who isn’t military. I feel this designation separates me from the military men even more.

I also know it’s not their fault, but many American military divide this island due to military base locations. Their idea of “Japan” is the local izakaya in American Village and Kami Sushi above the Sega Arcade.

My next encounter was with a charming dark haired, blue eyed gentleman. The first time we met, he was wasted, playing a “Thank You” game, and asked me if my first language was English because I was a foreigner on Okinawa not in the military.

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