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Cooper has yet to react to his ex's comments, but he did tell Howard Stern in 2011 that his marriage to Esposito "was just something that happened." "The good thing is, we both realized it," he added.

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Today’s events mark a critical point in the history of our republic. Since @real Donald Trump isn’t there to see it, whatever you do, don’t make this go viral.

#Basta #Occupy Lafayette Park… It's time to get into the streets for American democracy Wednesday night, July 18th. He made it a priority-he even ordered a report from FBI, etc-that’s how we first learned Putin was behind the attacks. I guarantee you @real Donald Trump woke up early to try and figure out how to combat the fact #Treason Summit is trending.

Brad is now a hot commodity in Hollywood after starring in The Hangover and his dating cred is through the roof.

He’s been linked to Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger.

I think if there were anybody that he was going to go and have a drink and chat with, it would be her.”But that doesn’t mean that they are going to be an “item.” In fact, Esposito puts to rest those rumors saying, “I think they have a nice friendship, I really do.

I think that’s sometimes better than if you have a thing and things go sour.

It was just about getting the work done, showing up and doing my best.”In the past, new additions to the NCIS team have been “probies,” like when Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) resigned from Mossad to become an NCIS, or when Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) moved over from the NSA.

What makes Alex different, is she has been an NCIS agent for a while and has a history with Gibbs.“There was no one that really went head-to-head with Gibbs, and she does,” Esposito says. I think that she is someone that can really take him on and really speak to him in a different way, more of a peer rather than his worker.

Alex is a federal agent and you also played Jackie in who is a cop. They handle themselves well in that arena and they’re able to take charge. But other than that, I think they’re different at the core of who they are. On Showtime’s you play Noah’s sister, Nina, which is a completely different role. And is she like everyone else on the show, does she have her own secrets? I don’t think Nina’s happy in her life and her marriage. Can you talk a little bit about your inspiration and why you wanted to share your knowledge with people? I just make everything myself and in a way that I can eat it without the gluten, the dairy and the soy.

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