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on Thursday afternoon (June 14) at Sardi's in New York City.

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Talking about his role in “Threesome,” he stated “Yeah, it's me, Lara Flynn Boyle and Stephen Baldwin in bed. It's uncomfortable to do a love scene with just one other person.

You throw someone else in there and you are even more uncomfortable.

Background: “I never considered a career in broadcasting, not even as a kid.” Josh Charles Kicking off his screen career in John Waters' “Hairspray” (1988), actor Josh Charles has portrayed roles in such films as “Dead Poets Society” (1989, as shy prep school student Knox Overstreet), “Threesome” (1994, as Eddie) and “Meeting Daddy” (2000, as Peter Silverblatt), among others. He has also acted in a number of TV films, including “Murder in Mississippi” (1990), “Cooperstow” (1993), “Norma Jean & Marilyn” (1996) and “Our America” (2002) and recently appeared in the series “Six Degrees” (2007) and “Wainy Days” (2007).

On the small screen, Charles is perhaps best known for portraying the television host Dan Rydel in the ABC comedy “Sports Night” (1998-2000), from which he was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild and a Viewers for Quality Television Award.

As for his private life, Charles supports the Baltimore Orioles (baseball) and the Baltimore Ravens (football) teams.

He was once romantically linked with actress Jennifer Connelly (dated in 2001).

Also in 1989, Charles could be found on stage playing Jay in the production of “The Dance Lesson” at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut.

Charles hit it big with his TV movie debut, “Murder in Mississippi” (NBC, 1990), in which he portrayed Andrew Goodman, the civil rights worker murdered alongside Mickey Schwermer and James Chaney in the summer of 1964.

Baltimore The son of Allan Charles, an advertising executive, and Laura, a gossip columnist for the Baltimore Sun newspaper, Joshua Aaron Charles, who would later be famous as Josh Charles, was born on September 15, 1971, in Baltimore, Maryland. Performing standup comedy since the age of 8, Josh spent many summers at the Stagedoor Manor Theatre Camp in New York's Catskill Mountains when he was a teenager.

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