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Among his numerous legacies are several subdivisions in suburban Kansas City, the Country Club Plaza, and the national spread of deed restrictions and homeowner associations.A prudent businessman and innovative visionary, Nichols conceived of real estate development in economic terms.Only four years later, Nichols had enlarged the development to 1,000 acres.

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I've never had so many problems with management and it is the worst thing about living in Clyde Manor.

I haven't had any problems while living here and the staff is friendly.

Parking is an issue currently, but I believe the construction will fix that once its complete.

Love my apartment, and I feel secure once I am inside the building. Its a little pricey and the parking situation is not ideal. its kinda in a sketchy neighborhood but this block is nice, i love my apartment the stainless steel appliances and the granite countertenors.

There is this african american lady who is so so super sweet and keeps the hallways vacuumed and mopped and waters plants, you can tell she truly cares.

C.”) Nichols was a nationally renowned city planner in Kansas City from the first decade of the 20th century to the 1950s.The neighborhood touted curbs, sidewalks, and wide roads that easily accommodated automobiles.Fountains and statuary dotted medians and esplanades.Often, my roommate and I have gone down and asked exactly how much we owe (since it has changed recently due to parking construction, availability, and rent) and yet they have had a very difficult time explaining how much we owe. Also, parking was supposed to be done in Mid-September but this has not occurred Finally, there are some issues with packages arriving at Clyde Manor.Sometimes, we are contacted the day after a package arrives rather than the day of.Despite the fact that we split the rent but pay separate amounts for parking, they cannot tell me who owes what and who has paid what.

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